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About Me


I’m a photographer and a physiotherapist, living in Paris but originating from Brussels. I discovered photography a few years ago and it became a real passion since.

I started as a hobby on Instagram taking some random pictures with my own cellphone and then I bought a Sony Alpha 6000. This was the beginning of my self-taught journey -   by reading books, watching tutorials on the internet, training a lot on the field and exchange tips with other photographers. After few months I improved my skills in photography and I decided to become professional. Now I’m working with the Sony A7II, and for the editing process I use Lightroom and Photoshop.

I do most of my photography in Paris, this city is my playground full of inspirations. From time to time,  I have taken pictures of my travels around the world, which is a different kind of photography, but so rewarding!   

I really enjoy taking portraits of people in Paris, it’s a way to create memories and keep a great record of it. 

Please feel free to take a look at my photos on this website or on my Instagram page.

It’s about capturing a moment, bringing out the beauty, detecting the mix of colours that can make a simple picture into something really unique and emotional. 

My Gear

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